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Vest suitable for ages approx. 8-13.
One size.

Our model is 13 yrs old, 160cm and 40kg

The Zena Youth Performance Vest has been specifically designed for girls who play contact sport. Extremely lightweight, the vest aims to reduce the risk of injury from impact & provides the ultimate confidence on field. It has been developed with stretch mesh and elastane to fit youth girls from ages approximately 8 - 13.


✔️ Protect against pitches and powerful hits to the chest

✔️ Know your reducing the risk of injury

✔️ Protect the chest when sliding for a base

✔️ Scientifically tested to reduce the risk of injury

Product Features

Patented injection moulding
Extremely lightweight at 100gm
Chest, breast and rib coverage
Mesh razorback
Designed and developed in Australia


With 4 years of research and development. Zena's impact performance vests have been put through the highest standard of sports science impact testing via Australian leader Deaking University, Research shows the Zena Vest absorbs impact and distributes energy over a larger area reducing the risk of potential injury with up to 75% reduction in impact.


Injury Prevention: Proper chest protection minimizes collision impact, preventing bruises and injuries, ensuring safer gameplay.

Enhanced Comfort and Confidence: Well-fitted protection offers comfort, allowing athletes to focus on their game, leading to increased confidence and better performance.

Promotes Long-term Participation: Safety assurance encourages ongoing sports participation, supporting lifelong engagement and breaking gender stereotypes.

Positive Body Image and Empowerment: Wearing protection fosters positive body image, empowering female athletes, promoting self-esteem, and acceptance in the sporting community.

Questions? We Got You!

  • Q: What sizes do you have in the Youth Vest?

    A: Our Youth Vest is one size fits most.  It has a full mesh back to allow vest to stretch across multiple sizes and is recommended for ages 8 - 13 years old

  • Q: What age group is the Youth Vest designed for?

    A: Our Youth Vest is recommended for girls between the ages of 8-13. If you are in this age group and have a fuller bust you might want to consider the XS in the Zena Z1.

  • Q: Can the Youth Vest be seen under a sports Jersey?

    A: No, the vest has been developed to be as discreet as possible and not visible under a playing Guernsey, specifically designed through and sports science tested to reduce the risk of injury while allowing a player to wear it unnoticed.

  • Q: What is inside the rib and chest padding?

    A: We use a patented injection moulding foam that has been developed and tested independently through Deakin University Sports Science Division, the studies of which found that Zena reduces the risk of injury by distributing up to 75% of impact pressure when tested at high speeds.

  • Q: What is the material of the vest?

    77% Nylon and 23% Elastane with padding. Polyurethane foam.

  • Q: Is the vest machine washable?

    A: We recommend a cold hand wash, however we understand this is not always possible so these vest are sold with their very own wash bag and can be machine washed on a gentle cold cycle. All care instructions come with the vest.