With 4 years of research and development. Zena's impact performance vests have been put through the highest standard of sports science impact testing via Australian leader Deaking University, Research shows the Zena Vest absorbs impact and distributes energy over a larger area reducing the risk of potential injury.


Zena's Z Tech foam has been specifically designed to be extremely lightweight while providing optimal protection. With the entire vest weighing only 160 grams, it gives athletes zero restrictions.


  • Do I wear a bra/croptop underneath the vest?

    Yes, we recommend you wear a sports bra or crop top under the vest.

  • Is the vest restrictive?

    No, the garment itself only weighs 160gm and has been specifically designed to contour the body. The patent injection moulding is extremely lightweight and flexible allowing athletes to maintain agility with zero restrictions.

  • Where can I check the vest size?

    Please refer to our size guide in near the product description. If you need any further information on how to take measurements please see the link to the video here:  If you do purchase the wrong size we offer 30 Day FREE Returns.

    Note: If you are larger than a C cup, we recommend going up a size

  • Is the vest machine washable?

    We recommend a cold hand wash, however we understand this is not always possible so these vest are sold with their very own wash bag and can be machine washed on a gentle cold cycle. All care instructions come with the vest.

  • Can the vest be seen under a sports Jersey?

    No, the vest has been developed to be as discreet as possible and not visible under a playing Guernsey, specifically designed through and sports science tested to reduce the risk of injury while allowing a player to wear it unnoticed.

  • What is inside the rib and chest padding?

    We use a patented injection moulding foam that has been developed and tested independently through Deakin University Sports Science Division, the studies of which found that Zena reduces the risk of injury by distributing up to 75% of impact pressure when tested at high speeds.